League Rules

League Information

League Officers:

  • President: Ed Dunne
  • Officer & Trustee: Dani Keil
  • Officer & Trustee: Michael Consalvo
  • Officer & Trustee: Steven Olson
  • Officer & Trustee: Rob Sacher
  • Co-Founder, Officer & Trustee: Casey Wooley
  • Founder and Officer Emeritus: Nate Miracle

  • Seasons include fall season, which starts in September and runs through December (12 weeks); Spring season, which starts in February and runs through April (12 weeks), and Summer season, which starts in June and runs through August (10 weeks).
    • Our Winter 2023 season begins on 2/2/23 and runs through 4/20/23. Scores will be kept through 4/13/23, with our award and banquet on 4/20/23 and bowling for fun.
  • WE ARE A SOCIAL LEAGUE FIRST. While we welcome friendly competition, we are in no way a serious league and are not sanctioned by any professional bowling league organization.
  • The league is held at Stardust Lanes at 37 E. Lorraine Ave., Addison, IL 60101.
  • Cost is determined at the start of every season.
    • Cost for Winter 2023 is $216 for the full season or $18/Week. Once you bowl in week #1, you are committed and owe the full $216, even if your drop out. Must be paid in full by week #4.
    • Payment options:
      • Preferred Method #1 – CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD (PAID IN FULL). Credit cards or debit cards must be paid in full as one charge on night #1. The bowler must place a copy of the credit card slip in the team envelope for collection and recording. The front desk can get really jammed on night #1 because of this. Please arrive 30 minutes to 45 minutes early on night #1 if you plan to pay by credit or debit card.
      • Preferred Method #2 – CASH OR CHECK (PAID IN FULL). Pay your full balance owed on Night #1 by placing your cash or check in the envelope on your lanes. The league president will collect in the middle of game #1.
      • Least Preferred Method – CASH OR CHECK WEEK TO WEEK. You can choose to pay your balance week to week with cash or check. However, you must pay in full no later than week #4 unless alternate arrangements have been made with the League President.
  • Shoe rental is $3.50 per week.
  • We will accept new bowlers (capacity dependent) the first night, even if they have not signed up using the new bowler registration survey.  All bowlers must provide their first and last name, cell phone number, and email to Out! Bowling.
  • We will accept substitute bowlers through the full season. Substitute bowlers will not bowl UNLESS there is a vacancy and the missing bowler has indicated they prefer to have a substitute bowl for them. When a sub is needed, it will be announced the night of. If a sub is in attendance, they will be placed on the needed team and the $16 will be collected.
    • Note: Subs will pay the $18 to bowl. If the bowler they are subbing for is already paid in full, the $18 will go to the League Prize Fund instead.
  • We are a 9-tap bowling league.  This means that scoring 9 on your first throw is the same as scoring a strike.

Team Information

  • Teams will consist of 3 to 4 people per team.  If a bowler has a preferred team, they should have specified in the league sign-up form.  We will do our best to accommodate.
  • Single bowlers will be placed with a team and on night 1, teams may be adjusted to fit everyone in. All teams are subject to change.
  • Teams of 3 will have a handicap score inserted to keep the team competitive.
  • All Teams are expected to hand-in their scorecards at the end of the night to the counter. While we keep track of scores electronically, the score cards ensure accuracy in case the system crashes.
  • In the event a bowler cannot bowl the full season, we do allow two bowlers to bowl in the same roster spot (i.e. splitting the season). Between the two of them, they will need to pay the full amount for the season for one spot.
  • There will be an award ceremony/banquet at the end of the season awarding the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams and any special achievements. There are no cash prizes.
  • Team members on a team with a missing bowler may NOT bowl in place of the missing member.  See “absences” below for more information on how this is handled.
  • Balls are provided by the bowling alley for anybody who doesn’t have their own.

Absences & Pace of Play

  • The league starts promptly at 7:30pm.  Out of respect for your team and the other teams playing, please be on time.  Excessive tardiness is grounds for removal from the league.
  • We understand that absences will happen from time to time, but please do not join if you plan to miss more than 3 evenings of bowling. Missing bowlers messes with the pace of play and can be discouraging for the other team.
  • If you are going to miss an evening, here are your options:
    • A substitute bowler may bowl in your place (you must give permission). Whatever they bowl is the score that will be used for your team.
    • OR Your average minus 10 pins will be used.
    • OR You may pre-bowl prior to your absence.  You must arrange this with the bowling alley independently.  Post-bowling is not permitted. Pre-bowling can ONLY take place Monday through Friday before 5pm if there are lanes available. Pre-bowling is NOT guaranteed.
  • Practice starts at 7:30pm and ends at 7:40pm when play starts. Games typically take about 45 minutes each to complete. That said, it is realistic to expect that our end time will range between 10pm and 10:30pm. Please help keep pace of play moving by:
    • Showing up on time.
    • Start on time. Don’t wait to start bowling once practice is over.
    • It’s OK to socialize. But if your socializing takes you away for so long that you have to be tracked down, then you’ve wandered for too long. Please reign it in.
    • Take five-minute breaks in between games to get a drink, go out for a smoke, or get a bite to eat.
    • Don’t hold up the pace of the game by being away for too long. Many bowlers have jobs the next morning that they need to get to and want to leave at a reasonable time.

Activities & Fun

Out! Bowling is all about socializing with other LGBTQ+ individuals and making new friends and new family.  The primary purpose is bowling, however to keep it fun, we have the following activities and theme nights planned:

  • Weekly –
    • 50/50 Raffle – each week we will hold a 50/50 raffle where bowlers have a chance at winning some money.  Here are the rules that govern 50/50:
      • You must be present to win.
      • 50% of the winnings will go the the winner drawn first.
      • At sole discretion of the league president, a second drawing may be held with a “bonus” amount given to the number drawn. This bonus amount will vary from week to week, or may not be drawn at all. When buying 50/50 tickets, you are buying for the 1 drawing only, and the bonus is just that – a bonus.
      • The amount not given away funds: the other prizes/games played week to week, the banquet and awards at the end of the season, the upkeep up the website, and/or will be donated to the charity fundraiser at the end of the fall season.
      • Whenever possible, all funds from each season are used within that season. However there may be a small amount of seed money (up to $200) that carries over from season to season if needed.
      • Tickets are –
        • $1 for 1 Ticket.
        • $3 for 5 Tickets.
        • $5 for 10 Tickets
        • $10 for 25 Tickets
        • $20 for 60 Tickets
    • Weekly there will be some type of contest where you can win cash prizes. Examples include “steal the balloon,” “roll the dice,” “poker,” Black Jack, and Prize Pong.
  • Theme Nights – throughout the season, we will have different themed nights where bowlers are encouraged to dress up and participate for added fun.  On these themed nights, there will be additional prizes. These theme nights vary from season to season.

League Member Conduct & Miscellaneous Information

  • All league members must be 18 years or older.  Minors are permitted to visit but not to bowl.
  • All league members who are not 21 years of age or older may not consume alcohol.  League members may not purchase alcohol for minors and anyone found in violation of this policy may be removed from the league.
  • All rules of the bowling alley must be followed and enforced, including wearing proper bowling shoes.
  • Out! Bowling is not a sanctioned PBA league, however all league etiquette rules should be observed.  Any league member not observing league etiquette rules should consult with the league president or officer for more information.
  • League members are responsible for any guests they bring to the bowling alley and their conduct.  They need to ensure that their guests are following league and bowling alley rules.
  • Any league member and/or guests conducting themselves in an unruly, aggressive, sloppy, indecent, or otherwise undignified, manner, will be asked to stop one time privately, and then will be asked to leave if the behavior continues.  This includes this type of behavior in the parking lots and in the rest areas of the bowling alley. At the League President’s discretion, a league member may be removed from the league and will not receive a refund on any league dues.
  • Any league member who appears overly intoxicated (drunk) will be cut off from any further alcohol.  Remember – we are all here to have fun.  Alcohol consumption is no reason to allow our behavior to become out of control. This cutoff will be at the discretion of the league president in consultation with other league officers. They will inform the bartender to no longer serve the overly intoxicated person. The league officers will work to arrange safe transportation to get the league member home.
  • If a league member is unable to drive home, please let somebody know so arrangements can be made.
  • We take accusations of harassment very seriously. As a social league, you may even find yourself attracted to other league members. But please understand that if you are told no, that means no. All accusations of harassment or unwanted advancement will be investigated and a decision will be made about continued league membership. All decisions are final. When needed, the authorities may be notified.
  • It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the “brand” and image of Out! Bowling – a tradition that has lived on for 7 years.  Out! Bowling is a fun place to come once a week and enjoy each other’s company.
  • League members are responsible for the full dues of the season. Any league dues not paid come directly out of the prize fund or the league officer’s personal finances. Any league member who does not pay their full league dues will not be permitted to join another season of Out! Bowling and if a substantial amount of money is owed, legal action may be used to collect the funds.
  • The rules contained herein should not be considered complete. At any time, additional rules can be added or rules changed to support the needs of the group. When such rules are added, removed, or changed, they will be posted in the league’s Facebook group, as well as emailed to the email list.
  • At the discretion of the league president, if any of these league rules are violated, a decision will be made to allow league members to continue to participate in the league moving forward. Once a decision has been made, it is final. A league member who is removed from the league will not be allowed to return.

By joining Out! Bowling, you agree to these rules. You are responsible for reading them in their entirety. Out! Bowling and its officers are not responsible for any injuries sustained during bowling or any time while part of the league.

Updated – 8/1/2022